Stall Holders Information


Important Information for Potential Stallholders.

Please read before Registering your Eligibility to become a stallholder.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact us at the top of the page on the website, right hand corner.

We welcome ROE from genuine makers and growers that meet the following criteria:
  • You have made the product yourself; preferably in WA.
  • You have grown the produce yourself OR you have added substantial value to the product.

    We are looking for stallholders that have something unique and interesting to sell that will add value and interest to our market for our visitor. We encourage our stall holders to constantly improve and re-evaluate their product.


How do I become involved in the Kalamunda Artisan Market?

Potential stall holders are asked to fill out a Registration of Eligibility (located at the bottom of this page) so we can find out more about you and your product suitability for our market.  The submission of an ROE assists us in ensuring we have a point of difference between vendors. Keeping our market fresh and interesting.

  •  We have limited spaces for stall holders selling hot food and therefore are not seeking nor accepting any at this stage

You will receive a reply within 3 weeks of submitting your ROE. Due to the number we receive we are unable to give individual feedback.
You can submit another ROE if unsuccessful, providing you have altered your product significantly.

Once you have received confirmation that you have been approved to become a stall holder you will be sent Log-in details so that you can access the Approved stall holders page. Applications are only available to approved eligible stall holders. Please check Market dates and Application opening dates.

* Stall Costs

Small table /verandah – limited - $60.00 *
Small table (no cover) - limited - $60 *
Space for 2.4 x 2.4 Cabana- limited – $60.00 *
Space for 3 x 3 Cabana – $70.00
Gourmet Corner / Indoor – limited – $80.00
Powered 3×3 Cabana – indoor -limited - $80.00

* Small Stall Spaces - information
Kalamunda Artisan Market does have available from time to time small areas - undercover/verandah table/no cover and a few areas that take only a 2.4 x.2.4.  If you would like one of these spaces and you are approved you may go on a waiting list for one. 

You must provide all your own equipment, we provide the space only. Cabana, weights for Cabana, table, appropriate coverings for all weather conditions.

Please note all Food Vendors must obtain the appropriate Temporary Food Licence from the City of Kalamunda.

Kalamunda Artisan Market

Stallholder Terms and Conditions

Stallholders must abide by the following terms and conditions. Failure to abide by these terms and conditions will result in banning from the market.

  • Stallholders must either make or grow their product or have added substantial value to the product to be eligible for a site at the Kalamunda Artisan Market
  • Stallholders are only able to sell products approved by the Market Management. In order to sell new products a request in writing with photos must be submitted to the Market Management team for approval.
  • Acceptance of stallholders is at the sole discretion of the KAM management. We reserve the right to reject applications and not enter into correspondence or explain decision-making.
  • The KAM receives the right at its’ sole discretion to change the allocation and/or location of a stall and not enter into correspondence or otherwise explain the reasons for our decision.
  • Stallholders unable to attend a market must advise the Market Manager no late than two weeks prior to that market to receive a rollover of their stall fee. All cancellations after this date will forfeit their fee. Stallholders will only be eligible for one rollover per calendar year.
  • Stallholders who are classed as permanent must attend on a regular basis and can only be absent from the market for 2 months per calendar year. Unless specific arrangements are made with Management, for example summer/winter clothing etc.


  • Your fee includes insurance for this market day only, covering:

$20000000 third party bodily injury and/or property damage and $20000000 product liability cover. Exclusions include: product liability for electrical goods, toys and second hand items, product liability for beauty products, injury to performers/actors/singers/entertainers/participants and the like. An excess of $1000 applies to each and every claim.

  • Stallholders must complete an “Incident Report Form” prescribed by the Market Management for each incident that may involve a claim.

Set Up:

  • Stallholders are required to unload their cars/s and then immediately relocate the vehicle to the designated parking area. All vehicles must exit the area by 8.00am
  • Kalamunda Artisan Market is an outdoor market and will operate in varying weather conditions. It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure that they bring adequate covers and equipment for protection against any weather conditions.
  • Stallholders must ensure that all shelters/marquees/umbrellas are correctly weighted down. Tent pegs are not permitted to be used in any area of the markets.
  • Stallholders must maintain their allocated area and surrounds in a tidy manner, stallholders goods must not be outside their allocated area.
  • We ask that stallholders be mindful of the Retailers within the market area, we all need to work together if there is an issue, please discuss with the Market Manager not the retailer in question.


  • Stallholders are required to park their vehicles in the staff parking adjoining the Catholic Church(refer map on the website)
  • Stallholders must not park in the street, shopping area car park or private car parks surrounding the market

Health and Safety:

  • Stallholders must ensure that their products comply with the relevant safety and labelling standards. KAM takes no responsibility for those stallholders who fail to meet these standards.
  • Stallholders must ensure that all electrical equipment has a current test tag prior to attendance and that power cords and equipment do not pose any danger to themselves nor others. Those who fail to comply will not be permitted to use this equipment.
  • Stallholders vending any foodstuffs/drinks(whether prepared on site or not ) must acquire a Temporary Food Stall Licence from the City of Kalamunda

Pack up:

Stallholders must not commence pack-up prior to the market closure (2.30pm) and cars shall not enter until after 2.30pm

You can download a copy of our Terms and Conditions by clicking here:

Download Terms and Conditions


FAQ for Stallholders

The process is Twofold

Eligible stall holders need to reapply for each event. To apply, simply check the dates when applications are open. It will be the Monday after the previous Market for two weeks. Then LOG IN to our website on the top right hand corner and then click on the application form. The application form is a private page and only accessible for eligible stall holders. To become an eligible stall holder you must register first.


If you are approved to be an eligible stall holder, including past stall holders, log in with your username and password and then click on the application form to APPLY for the event. Applications are only open for a fixed time so please check dates and apply during these times. (see Key dates below)

Applications will open for the following Markets – (approved applicants only can apply) Applications are open the Monday after the Market and will be open for two weeks, unless all available spaces are filled before that time.

3rd November Market
Applications close 28th September unless full.

1st December Market

Applications close 31st October unless full.

Complete all questions on the application form.

Yes an application from approved eligible stall holders is required for each Market

Being approved for one Market does not guarantee a permanent spot, you must apply for each Market on the appropriate dates. Stall holders that support our Market and come in all weather have a better chance of obtaining a regular or permanent place. However, there are instances where some stall holders would only want to come at certain times of the year, such as stall holders selling
Winter or Summer clothing etc.

You will receive an email and be sent an invoice to pay within 7 days, if not paid within this time frame the offer will be withdrawn and the position offered to another.

Not all stall holders that apply take up the offer and pay within the time frame, if you have missed out in the first round you may still be offered a spot in the second round of offers.

Please note that stall holders that are offered a spot two months in a row and fail to take up the offer may not be offered a position in the future. Stall holders in this position can contact the Market Manager regarding this.

No, once a payment has been made we do not give refunds.


Market Times

The market runs on the first Saturday of every month from 8.30am to 2.30pm

Kalamunda Artisan Market | Perth's Premier Craft Market


Map of Market Stalls

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Submit Your Registration of Eligibility

If you believe you have a product that fits with the uniqueness of the Kalamunda Artisan Market, then we invite you to complete the following Registration of Eligibilty .

Your ROE will be reviewed by the Market Manager and if successful you will be contacted and instructed how to submit full details and information.